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Limbaje de programare + link-uri

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[Assembler Documentation] of Assembly Language Programming

[C/C++] Software - Your Resource for C++ Programming Frequently Asked Questions Voinescu Page C++ Builder Tips Zone

[C# Language] about C#

[Delphi] Programming Software's Delphi site - Delphi Informant Magazine

[Dhtml] HTML samples DHTML, Scripts, demos, tutorials Drive DHTML (dynamic html) code library's Guide to DHTML

[DirectX]'s Forum of DirectX Programming FAQ

[Flash] Art Group - Flash Design for you - Free Animated Flash Buttons Navbar Generator Flash Developer Resource, Online Resource for Macromedia Flash 4 All, a German site - Index of Flash resources Zone! animation software for banners, games, slide shows Flash romanian site dedicated to Macromedia Flash 5 Flash Guide

[Game Programming] - romanian game developers Space - A Free 3D Engine Rad a programmable, user-friendly, 3D games creator - demo & game development[casManG's] - Showcasing and Creating 3d Game Art Development News & Resources Art & Science of Making Games - Engine for Game Programming and Design - Gamedesign your game development needs Programming and graphics programming Home of Independent Games and Gamemakers Developer Magazine Vandal's Half-Life Almanac - Real time 3D film making for the next millenium - Independent game network Company - Quake Movies, Machinima and Real-Time Animation

[Html editors] of the world's best free HTML editor Goodies 4.0 Reference Editors and HTML Editors

[Java] JavaScripts - Free JavaScript, dhtml, tutorials, tools's JavaScript Tutorial Source for Java Technology Scripts - Free javascripts, tutorials, examples and resources Java Boutique - Free Java Applets, Games, Programming Tutorials and Downloads Applets Mall - Free Scripts, Learning, Tutorials, Resources and Help Structures & Algorithms in Java Java Language Specification Java Applets Java RO - Free Java scripts, Java applets Beginner's Guide to JavaScript

[KDE Studio] great KDevelop-Project site

[OpenGL] - OpenGl, Demos, Direct3D, Code Archive, Visual Basic, Delphi, Tutorials Productions - OpenGL Gustafsson's OpenGl page - High Performance 2D/3D Graphics

[Photoshop] By Mark - Photoshop Tips tutorials tutorials tips, free animated gifs, web design, html, icons Art

[Php3] Preprocessor Resource For PHP Developers home

[Programming] index of programming Learning Code Project - Free Source code and Tutorials Engineering Students'Web Site By Mark - Programming tutorials tutorials - Programming tutorials Zilei programming's manuals Learning Center org Associates - your new lifestyle programming Reference Library's Page programmers heaven Software Installation and use for dummies GLOW Toolkit - Programming Solutions API Guide - Tutorials

[Sources], an Open Source developers Open systems Resources Inc. Source Code Source News

[Unix] FreeBSD Project's largest index of Unix and cross-platform open source software Linux Kernel Archives Hat site Slackware Linux Project QA Suite 2 debbuging Unix Guru Universe for System Administrators Homepage

[Visual Basic], High-Quality Visual Basic Samples and Code Ovidiu Page Basic World - The leading online information source for Visual Basic developers Basic Source Code

[Web programming] in the Web Home Page to Paint Shop Pro & trick, tutorials Reference Guide Dominus Perl Paraphernalia programming - romanian site Web - The IT Industry Portal Developer's Journal - Tips on Web Page Design, HTML, Graphics, Internet Business, E-commerce's Site models, tutorials, textures, software, plugins, web tools Web Women 4000 animated gif's for the busy webmaster 4.0, a Powerful Web Site Workshop Resource Index - Find ASP tutorials, scripts, code and more - Animated Graphics - Web Design, HTML/CSS Tutorials, free Java Applets, free Web Graphics Jar - Experiments in Web Programming Resources Website Tools Quick Reference design web design design gallery web templates, web buttons, photos, tips website templates, flash templates, free ifaces, free wallpaper Resource Center - Free Graphical User Interfaces Guru of 3D Website - A different ASP developer, freebies, free stuff, free graphics, free Java source, free webhosting and marketing ideas - A Beginner's Guide to HTML Design Cool Seven Development - Dreamweaver Templates, Tutorials and Extension - Free animated gifs, images, web design, flash animation, photoshop tips, htl, icons Spot for Script on the Web Community of Site Experts do they do that with HTML? Design Journal usability and good Web design Webmaster's Reference Library for Web Teams Site Tools Web Standards Project Wide Web Consortium Web Tutorials Willcam Group - Complete Index of HTML Taks design & art work Tutorials

[Others] Refernce Documentation programming Home's Software Tool for the Professional Programmer HTML, JavaScript and eCommerce GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation programming Software - Source Code for Computer Graphics, Image Analysis and Numerical Methods

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